Aaron Robitaille

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Development of a Quality Control Standard for Tandem Mass Tags (TMT) Workflows - Poster presentation


Quantitative proteomics strategies using Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) reagents enable sample
multiplexing and precise measurement of protein abundance. However, successful execution of this
workflow includes multiple steps that may require optimization including chromatography, mass
spectrometry (MS), and data analysis. Therefore to be able to detect and diagnosis co-isolation
interference, enable MS method optimization and validation, we developed the Thermo Scientific
Pierce TMT11plex labeled yeast peptide reference standard.


Dr.  Robitaille is a Senior Applications Specialist in Proteomics for Thermo Fisher Scientific in San Jose, CA. He is focused on supporting quantitative proteomics workflows that use Tandem Mass Tags (TMTs), and continues to help develop innovative mass spectrometry technology to answer challenging biological questions. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Basel in Switzerland and completed his post-doctoral research at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. He used multiple quantitative proteomic approaches to measure changes in protein expression and protein-protein interactions to identity regulators of embryonic stem cell differentiation.