Bhavin Patel

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Applications of SureQuant Pathway Panels for Quantitative Analysis of Cancer Signaling Proteins - Poster presentation


The AKT/mTOR and RAS/ERK pathways represent mechanisms for cells to regulate survival, proliferation, and motility. These signaling pathways play a central role in tumor progression and drug resistance. Highly accurate monitoring of these pathway proteins has not been achieved, due to poor reproducibility, unreliable quantitation, and lack of standardized methods and reagents. To overcome these challenges, the novel SureQuantTM pathway panels have been applied, which utilize an optimized multiplex immunoprecipitation to targeted mass spectrometry (mIP-tMS) workflow. mIP-tMS assays can quantitate multiple proteins, PTMs and interacting partners, which creates new possibilities for a broad range of applications, including cancer diagnosis and prognosis, drug development, and precision medicine. The SureQuant pathway panels allowed simultaneous absolute quantitation of AKT pathway, RAS proteins and PTMs in a streamlined, standardized workflow.


Dr. Patel works as a Senior R&D Scientist in MS reagents group at Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Bhavin has a Medical Doctor degree from the MS University in India, and a MS in Biotechnology from the Georgetown University.  Bhavin had led a protein biomarker assay group at NextGen Sciences and a proteomics/mass spectrometry group at Fox Chase Cancer Center before joining Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2013.  Since joining Thermo, Bhavin has led the development of targeted MS assay kits, new MS standards, protein sample preparation reagents, antibody validation method for IP-MS, and reagents for quantitative proteomic analysis.