Ryan Bomgarden

Thermo Fisher Scientific

EASYpep - A New Simplified and Optimized Workflow for MS Sample Preparation - Poster presentation


Advances in mass spectrometry (MS) instrumentation has enabled routine analysis of complex protein samples. However, sample preparation methods are not standardized with many protocols taking 8-24hrs in addition to suffering from low peptide yields, poor digestion efficiency and low reproducibility. This poster describes a simplified sample prep kit containing pre-formulated reagents and a standardized protocol that can be used to efficiently process 10µg to 100µg protein samples in less than 2 hours. In this study, we evaluated the scalability, compatibility, and reproducibility of this sample preparation kit compared to previous published methods,  in terms of time saved, peptide/protein identification rates, and reproducibility compared to previous proteomic methods and greatly simplifies proteomic sample preparation for protein identification and quantitation.


Dr. Bomgarden is in the mass spectrometry R&D group at Thermo Fisher Scientific, where his development work includes tandem Mass Tag reagents for relative quantitation of proteomic samples, HeLa protein digest standards for LC-MS QC,  and MS-cleaveable crosslinkers for protein structure analysis, among other projects. Dr. Bomgarden is also an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine where he teaches courses on biochemical techniques, drug design and ethics. Dr. Bomgarden is also heavily involved in STEM education, creating and performing science demonstrations for local schools and non-profit organizations.