Dave Goodlett

University of Maryland


Prof. David R. Goodlett has spent his career using mass spectrometry to solve biomedical problems via novel technology and software developments. His Ph.D. training with Prof. Richard B. van Breemen on protein adducts concluded in 1991 and his postdoctoral work with Dr. Richard D. Smith on Native MS and ESI fundamentals in 1993. He has been active in a variety of fields including medicine, oceanography, pharmacy, microbiology, proteomics (including clinical applications), lipidomics, and protein & glycolipid structure-function relationships publishing over 250 papers. He is currently a Professor at the University of Maryland (2013-present). Prior to that he was Professor at the University of Washington (2004-2012) as well as first Director of Proteomics at the Institute for Systems Biology (2000-2003). From 2012-2016 he was a Finland Distinguished Professor studying pediatric type 1 diabetes.

Video interview:

For the last dozen years he has been an Editor at Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry for Wiley-Blackwell publishing. He has founded two companies based on his patents: Deurion of Seattle, WA who are developing mass spectrometry ion sources and Pataigin of Baltimore, MD who are focused on microbial diagnostics. Since 2007 he has been a co-organizer of the Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology and Medicine summer school ( held annually in Dubrovnik. Recently, he was appointed Visiting Professor at the International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science (ICCVS) at the University of Gdansk. More information is available at and on twitter at @goodlettlab1.

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