Mass spectrometry in proteomics

Virtual conference – all talks now available on-demand

Join thought leaders and peers at the proteomicsNOW virtual conference to learn about the latest advances in proteomics, share best practices, and explore new technologies and techniques designed to help improve your research results.

This event highlights recent developments in proteomics through live webinars, lightning talks, poster sessions, and panel discussions. Since we know how hard it is to set aside long periods of time to watch groundbreaking scientific talks, the event is available on demand as well.

Targeting the science of structural elucidation of proteins, the sessions cover the broad field of mass spectrometric applications in proteomics.


  • Update yourself with the latest advances in proteomics and protein mass spectrometry
  • Learn best practices to improve your proteomics workflows and optimize your research results
  • Gain first-hand insight in technologies and techniques from the scientists at Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Connect with leading scientists in the field of proteomics and protein mass spectrometry
  • Discuss problems and ask questions in the Q&A sessions following every talk
  • Join the round table discussion on hot topics for proteomics in 2019

This is the inaugural year of the proteomicsNOW virtual event presented by Thermo Fisher Scientific and Wiley. We recognize that many scientists are unable to attend live conferences or user meetings due to scheduling conflicts or budget. Our goal is to offer a free virtual venue to provide education, inspiration, and networking opportunities for the proteomics community.